Chinook Horses
Chinook Horses

Supporting research…

In 2019, Chinook Horses partook in a study led by seven occupational therapy graduate students at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota.The study examined the impact of an eight-week Eagala intervention at Chinook Horses on social functioning and engagement in children. In the end, the examiners found that the children who participated in the Eagala sessions were positively impacted. Caregivers of these children reported: 

  • Improvements in their child’s social interactions with adults and peers
  • Decreases in unfavorable or violent behaviors
  • Increased engagement with their environment
  • Positive emotional changes such as improved trust and decreased anxiety

Take a look at what people are saying about Chinook Horses…

My son’s general attitude has improved so much during equine therapy. Teachers at school have noticed an improvement with his willingness to participate in class and verbalize with them about tasks as well as with his peers during recess.

At home I’ve observed an increase in confidence to try new things and also increases in conversation, hardly ever do I just get one-word answers or head shakes anymore.

My son’s overall comfort with people and also with animals has improved even when animals are bigger than him.

I can’t say enough good things about the equine therapy my son receives from Chinook Horses through Blue Skies!With his successes, he gains confidence and I gain pride and relief watching him experience more of the world as a joyful thing instead of a fearful one.

Thank you all so much!

– Client’s mom

Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity you have given the kids with the horses. I saw growth and improved confidence in all of them. It was amazing to see the transformation as the weeks passed by. I am so grateful you have given these kids a lifetime experience. Thank you just does not seem enough.

-Stephanie Hecker, LCSW, RPT

I want to thank you for this exceptional experience. I have gained insight to myself that I might not have gotten without your help. Also, I have anew appreciation and respect for horses. They are quite magnificent and majestic.

-Cathy, a Client from a Women’s Workshop

Thank you so much for asking me to help out with the kids. I’m looking forward to more time with them. It is an amazing program.

-Jack, a Volunteer

Chinook Horses

My son became more comfortable with others and more trusting. He also became more verbal.

-Mom of a 10 Year Old Client

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