This is why we do what we do – a testimonial

We have had the honor to work with a family this summer that needed some new ideas and skills in order to be safe and successful.  This blog is based on the parent’s testimonial and confirms, once again, that traditional forms of therapy are not a good fit for...

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Funding The Future By Sabina Gerard

One of the first conversations Abigail and I had when I came to Chinook Horses was about telling our story.  At the time, I was naïvely thinking we were talking about grant writing and telling our stories through profound moments in the arena between client and horse.  After completing...

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“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” By Abigail Hornik, ES

This was the seventh session for the client. She is an intellectually challenged twenty-one-year-old with the cognitive ability of a fifteen-year-old. She was referred to us by her career support center. She was having difficulty getting along with her coworkers and struggled with voice modulation when she stressed. She...

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And Then This Happens in a Session

We have been working with this 10 year old boy for 12 weeks. We implemented a program called EquiPower, Treating Trauma with the Power and Sensitivity of Horses. It is a CBT, trauma focused program. This child was not able to express himself in terms of his needs and...

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Thoughts since this last school shooting

So I have been thinking a lot since this last school shooting (who hasn’t been?) …..It started off with typing on my friend Hollye Dexter’s Facebook page, who is an amazingly tireless advocate for sensible gun control, “what can I do?” Then I thought this isn’t only just a gun control...

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Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Learning

On a consistent basis we provide Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Learning to the Yellowstone County Community and beyond. We never turn anyone away based on their inability to pay. Our mission statement is clear: To provide opportunities for individuals and families to engage, learn and thrive outside...

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